From an early age, my parents have always encouraged me to do sports. When I was three, I drove my first bike and from that moment I knew that was what I wanted to devote my life to.

During a trip to Miami, I went to Ducati to ask how I could join their team and they sent me to do some tests in Homestead. When I left I was sure I hadn’t done well enough, but to my surprise they told me they were looking for people like me that were bold and willing to take risks. They gave me the opportunity to start traveling to Miami to practice and run GTU, and Super Sport, among many others, on a regular basis.

After participating in numerous competitions, I was ready to run at Daytona, the most nationally recognized race in the U.S. Winning the Super Twins National Champion title was a great accomplishment given my young age and my young racing career. Since winning that race, a lot of doors have opened up for me to pursue my racing career.

What I love about Powerful Yogurt products is the fact that they are all-natural and provide me with the optimal nutrition needed to excel in the racing world. My favorite products are the apple-cinnamon yogurt and the chocolate-coconut protein bar. I also love the brand design and I proudly wear the brand on my uniform and bike.